Creativity and design - This is AGM
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Creativity and design

We deliver unique and creative strategies along with graphic and digital design solutions that adapt to any stage or situation a business is going through.


Identifying the organization’s specific goals and needs is the first step.


Once those goals and needs have been determined and set, the next step is to know the organization to its core.


Now it is the moment to craft the concept and find the look and feel that reflects the brand. A nice design without a concept behind it is like wrapping an empty gift box.


This is when we pick the colors, shapes, or sizes that make up the brand identity.


Every piece of graphic communication is a unique opportunity to add value and build the brand while increasing engagement with the audience.


We can help your brand with the following services:


Print collateral:

– Advertising
– Brochures
– Flyer
– Packaging
– Integrated campaigns
– Editorial
– Book cover
– Book interior
– Amazon Kindle
– Posters
– Presentations
– Infographics
– Flow charts
– Environmental campaigns
– Mailing
– Cards


Digital design:

– Social media:
– Profile cover
– Page cover
– Events cover
– Posts
– Icons
– Infographics
– Posts, etc.
– Web design
– UI / UX
– App design



– Creative strategy
– Social media strategy