Does your brand inspire your target audience?

Every interaction with your brand has to ignite the customer’s desire to choose your product or service over the competition.

Branding is the most valuable asset of an organization

The brand positions the company top-of-mind for their audiences and ignites the desire to choose their product or service over the competition.

Every interaction is an opportunity for a business to build their brand, strengthening the relationship with their audiences while creating brand ambassadors.

A strong strategy expressed by storytelling in combination with a unique and distinctive graphic narrative are the ingredients to achieve sales, marketing and branding goals.

Branding is critical to consider not only for new businesses but for any business, all the time.

Many businesses and organizations can benefit from a brand refreshment; others may need to revisit branding due to a business merger or creation of new products or services. Either way, the process is the same.

What is our branding process?

Developing an understanding of the brand at its core—its mission, values, history, etc.—is the first step I take with any branding work. I do this through an exploratory and discovery phase, followed by a debrief.

The next step is market and competition research to find the opportunities and strengths and how to push them forward, and to discover any obstacles or problems and how to solve them.

Once I am sure I have the right understanding of the brand, I start strategizing, drafting, and creating the visual brand identity. At the end of this process, I unveil the brand proposal (brand identity, brand strategy, brand guidelines, etc.) and deliver the materials agreed upon previously or make the necessary amendments. This will lead to positioning and defining the brand space in the market environment.

Some tips before working on your brand:

        1. Be specific about your motivation to start the branding process

        2. Define and be specific about your organization’s values

        3. Create a list of the present and potential situations where the brand is going to be used

        4. Plan a budget according to your need

Areas where I can help:

– Brand identity
– Logo design
– Rebranding
– Brand guidelines
– Business naming