Pegasus Coffee House - Crone Fest - This is AGM
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Pegasus Coffee House – Crone Fest

Branding, Integrated campaign
Social media content, Social media graphic, Swag
About This Project

Pegasus Coffee House is a very well-known and established café in Kitsap County and the Greater Seattle Area. Its role as a hub for the community made it an appropriate place to hold Crone Fest.

With the title, “Crone Fest,” the logo needed a balance between the feminine, the supernatural, and the power of creation. The blend comes from a feminine but powerful typography with the crow and its mystical meaning.

A music festival featuring 20+ local female singers and songwriters is something that does not happen every day. The branding needed to be unique.

Social media marketing, posters, and t-shirts were created to promote the festival and to be used as swag for attendees, staff, and performers.